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Tiverton Leads The Way On Smart Meter Project – October 2016

Tiverton Branch held the first Smart Meter Roadshow on Saturday 15 October at Clare House Surgery in Tiverton.

Through our contacts with the Clare House Patient Participation Group we were invited to have a stand for an information event at the flu clinic which was being run by the surgery, along with a couple of others including Age UK, Force Cancer Charity and the Fire and Rescue Service. Our objective was to talk to as many people as possible, especially older, disabled and vulnerable people and carers, about Smart meters, to establish how much they understood about them and dispel some of the myths surrounding them, and encourage people to contact their gas and electricity suppliers to request one. Our target was to speak to a minimum of 25 people, hand out information leaflets and complete questionnaire forms. In fact over an intensive four hour period, we managed to speak to 60 people, until our supplies of questionnaire forms ran out.

The flu clinic proved to be an ideal venue as the majority of those attending belonged to our target groups, and many of them would have been difficult to reach in any other way. Several hundred people passed through the clinic that morning with six nurses and a GP running clinics, and also taking the opportunity to do other health checks such as blood tests and blood pressure measurements.

Our stand was perfectly located for people to see as they came back through the waiting room after having their injections, and once we had convinced them we were not trying to sell anything, very few people declined to speak to us when we approached them. It was also an excellent opportunity to promote DSV and our activities to people, many of who were not aware of us.

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