Our local branches run independently and contribute to the development of the organisation by raising issues of local concern to the wider membership through the Board of Directors, the Chairman’s Meeting and the county-wide Assemblies.

The elected Board are:

James Bradley (Okehampton)

Frances Canning (Exeter)

Nigel Child (Newton Abbot)

Margaret Coles (Holsworthy)

Jose Kimber (Tiverton)

Carol McCormack (Barnstaple), (Chairman)

Martin Taylor (Tavistock).

The Board meets on a monthly basis and works closely with the Executive Administrator, Sally Lougher, to ensure that the organisation runs smoothly and meets its aims and objectives.

The Board reports back to the members at the bi-annual Assembly meetings, Operational Group and the Annual General Meeting or through the magazine.

Our President is Bill Jordan.


Articles of Association

Articles of Association May 2014

AGM and EGMs

AGM minutes 2015

AGM Minutes November 2014

DCC Cllr Hart report DSV AGM October 2013

DSV AGM October 2013 Draft Minutes

AGM 31 October 2012 Draft Minutes

EGM Agenda & DSV Company Articles 2012 Final (3) with AGM 2013 Amendments

AGM 2013 Agenda and Motions

AGM March 2011 Resolutions Results Agenda Final

EGM 20 July 2010

AGM 2009 Draft Minutes

Annual reports and other documents

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015

Annual_Report_2013 to 2014

Annual Report 2012 to 2013

Annual Report 2011 to 2012

Annual Report 2009 to 2010 Annual Report 2009 – 10

DSV Objectives 2011 to 2013 DSV Objectives 2011 to 2013

Whole Draft Strategic Plan v1 2011-2014 Whole Draft Strategic Plan v1

2010 Everyone’s Tomorrow Conference Report 2010 Everyone’s Tomorrow Conference Report



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