We started in 2008 with funding from Devon County Council and NHS Devon as an independent and non-party-political forum that is listened to by the decision makers.  Since then, more than 2,000 members and many associate members in branches across Devon have been working hand in glove with the authorities and others to meet the needs of older people and to improve their lives.

Devon Senior Voice speaks out on everything that affects the quality of life of older people: from transport, health and well-being to housing, social care and rural isolation, and from leisure facilities and financial security to relations with younger people.

Our views are based on our members’ experiences and on research of the evidence by our specialist advisory groups. Above all, we want to encourage new thinking on issues, and develop imaginative solutions.

We were part of a Government pathfinder to put older citizens at the centre of policy making and service delivery for the older population of Devon.

From 1st April 2017 Devon Senior Voice lost all its funding from Devon County Council and the health service Clinical Commissioning Groups. We are now moving forward working in different ways by collaborating with other organisations, bidding for funding to finance projects from local councils, charities, local and national organisations.

Devon Senior Voice is:

• All volunteers, based around the 28 market and coastal towns and Exeter

• Represents any older person.

• Independent and non party political.

• Addressing the range of issues affecting people in older age, bringing positive ideas for change.

• Committed to building the active involvement of older people in society, both through our membership and actions.

• Not duplicating what other groups are doing, but supporting them and acting as a catalyst to get things done.

• Improving access to information and services.

• Positive in our approach to life and older age, promoting ideas and solutions not just identifying problems.

• Outward looking, interested in promoting the quality of life, not just of older people, but across other generations from the cradle to the grave.

• Reflecting the diversity of the older population and the range of issues that affect us.

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